Croissant Candle Breakfast Candles Handmade Gifts Fried Egg Toast Coffee Cup Fake Food Art Home Decor Gag Gifts Eggs Food Shape Candles by 3DCandleCreations

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Croissant Candle Breakfast Candles Handmade Gifts Fried Egg Toast Coffee Cup Fake Food Art Home Decor Gag Gifts Eggs Food Shape Candles

Unleash the fun side of home décor with our whimsical Breakfast Candles! Designed with an irresistible charm, these candles give you a delightful visual feast of a fried egg, a slice of toast, and a coffee cup without adding an inch to your waistline!

Handmade with the utmost attention to detail, these faux food candles perfectly mimic the color and texture of a hearty breakfast. They are made from high-quality wax that ensures a slow and clean burn, so you can enjoy the appealing aesthetics for longer.

More than just candles, these quirky decorative items serve as unique conversation starters. Whether placed in the kitchen, dining room, or living area, these candles bring a playful vibe that lifts the spirit. They also make an excellent gift for anyone with a taste for unconventional décor or gag gifts.

Key Features:
- Handmade with high-quality wax
- Realistic design that mimics a fried egg, toast, and a coffee cup
- Long-lasting and clean burning
- Ideal as unique home décor or as a gag gift
- Perfect for faux food lovers and fun-loving individuals

So why wait? Give your home or workspace a fun twist with these Breakfast Candles today! Bring home a breakfast that never gets cold or stale!

Croissant Candle-

3.5 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches.

What a surprise it will be when they see this delicious egg, toast, and coffee cup and then find that they are actually candles!
Fried Egg Candle-Handmade

The egg candle measures approximately

4+inch long by 3+ inch wide by 1 inch tall

Toast Candle-
2 1/2 inches long
by 2 1/4 by 3/4ths an inch tall (two wicks)

Cup of Coffee Candle-
1 1/2 inches tall
by 3 inches (plate wide)

Please burn on candle safe surfaces (dish or bowl or plate etc)

All items aside from candle are for props and size comparison

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