5 things pets do better than humans

­čś╗Pets are our companions­čś╗ 

Pets are wonderful because they give us something to care for and in return, they care for our hearts. They trust us with their needs and lavish us with snuggles, kisses, purrs, wags, and happiness.

They sometimes are around for us when humans are not.

Here are a few things pets can do better than people 

They listen and are with us during times of happiness and during not so fun times as well.
A lot of pets know how we are feeling. They know when you need to have a little bit of quiet time. They argue less than people and do not talk back near as much.

They rest- Some pets know how to rest. With our ever-demanding lifestyle, it is hard to know when it is actually time to sit down and reflect.

It is a little easier to see that window when your pup is staring you in the face all snuggled up.

Will you come and sit with me?

Some pets are naturally cuter people- Ya, this is a bold statement but I have seen a pet or two as a dog groomer that definitely could be the star of a show. Wouldnt you agree?
Primped and pampered

Dry your tears when you are sad.

Sometimes a day can be the rocks and be really tough. Pets can remind us that we are special, loved, and appreciated. A pet can reach our hearts and remind us that there is sunshine, fresh air, and smiles.
Pets remind us that we are special

Help with the dishes-

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the dishes? Dishes on the counter and the sink and you go to put them in the dishwasher only to discover clean dishes that need emptying? Dogs do not mind lending a helping hand with the dishes.
Oh, don't worry. I can help with that!
Some pets will go as far as helping at work and with other household chores. Take a look at this Komodor and his fellow companion.

What does your pet do better than a human?

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  1. This is so true. Before my dog passed away when I came home in a bad mood after a hard day she really helped me feel better!

    1. Thank you for sharing. Its hard to be sad or worried when you have something so happy next to you.


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