Growing list of facts about guinea pigs

Facts about guinea pigs you may not have known!

Guinea pigs are special creatures.  I have owned, raised, and loved guinea pigs since I was a child. 

They are thought to bring good fortune. It is easy to love such a cute and friendly animal. There are so many interesting facts about guinea pigs!  

Here are some interesting tidbits of info for you to chew on with your guinea pig.  This list will continue to grow.  Be sure to check back to learn more about your guinea pig.
Guinea pigs make the world a better place

1. 65 million guinea pigs are eaten in Peru each year.  There are 32.82 people in Peru which equals about two guinea pigs per one person a year.

2. When guinea pigs are excited they hop and jump around and this is called "popcorning"  It is the most adorable thing to see! 

3. Guinea pigs are allergic to penicillin and it can cause them digestive issues and other problems.  They should not be given antibiotics
Guinea pigs love to eat!

4. Did you know that guinea pigs have twenty teeth! This includes the four incisors that are in the front.

5. Guinea pigs are born with fur and with their eyes open.  They are as cute as a button.  They are able to run around just hours after they are born.

6.  Guinea pigs do not eat meat!  They are herbivores and eat things like carrots, oranges, green leafy lettuce, timothy hay, and they have their own special guinea pig food.  
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7. Bulbs and the plants that grow from them can kill your guinea pig and are poisonous. Some examples of bulbs include tulips and onions!  One would think that an onion is a healthy choice but it is toxic to a guinea pig.

8. Guinea pigs like to cuddle and lounge about.  It is so cute to see a comfy little guinea pig sprawled out in a cuddle sack.
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9. Guinea pigs are incredibly sensitive to loud noises.  

10. Guinea pigs have 3-4 babies at a time.  

11. A female guinea pig is called a sow and a male guinea pig is called a boar. 

12. Guinea pigs originated from the Andes mountains of Peru and are actually rodents, not pigs like the name implies. Some believe the "pig" portion of the name comes from their squeaking noise that reminded people of baby piglets. 

The "guinea" portion of the name may have originated when sailors brought the animals from South America and sold them for a guinea, a term for an old English coin.

Guinea pigs ceaselessly amaze. One look into their cute little eyes will likely make you understand how special they are. 

Please check back to see more information about Guinea pigs