Mathew 9-14

9 Pray, then, in this way:

‘Our Father who is in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day [e]our daily bread.
12 ‘And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13 ‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from [f]evil. [g][For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.’]

14 For if you forgive [h]others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive [i]others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.

Best supplements for Cats and Dogs- The Missing Link

I can confidently recommend Missing Link as a top choice among supplements 

Supplements are important for our own health and are equally as important to pet's health.  Diversity in a pet's diet is not always an option and supplements can greatly impact the overall health of your pet.  There are various supplements to choose from.  However, there is one supplement that truly is the missing link in the diet of a pet. 

The Missing Link is my favorite brand of supplement for pets.  This brand has a positive reputation and a long history of helping pets.  I have recommended missing link successfully for over ten years as a Professional Pet Stylist.  I have witnessed and have heard first hand how it impacted energy levels, skin and coat health, and joint mobility.  

We all want optimum health for our pets.  Here are my top choices

The Missing Link Ultimate Canine Hip & Joint Formula, 1-lb
The Missing Link Ultimate Canine Hip & Joint Formula
The original superfood supplement formula is a great choice for hips and joints.  This will give the average dog young or old the nutrients needed for joint health, skin health, and optimal energy levels.  

I would say to my clients  "Look for the red logo and gold bag!" I have seen how well this works! Follow the instructions and gradually work your way up in dose. 

The Missing Link Original Skin & Coat Superfood Dog Supplement, 1-lb bag
The Missing Link Original Skin & Coat Superfood Dog Supplement

The Skin and Coat formula is similar to the original formula but does not have the glucosamine chondroitin and other ingredients in the same quantities. I would recommend the hip and joint formula for pets over three as they often benefit from that formula as well. 

The Missing Link Well Blend Food Sensitive Skin, Coat & More Dog & Cat Supplement, 1-lb bag
The Missing Link Well Blend Food Sensitive Skin, Coat & More Dog & Cat Supplement, 1-lb bag

This formula is made for both cats and dogs.  It has balanced nutrition and aims to improve digestion, enhance energy levels, and improve skin and coat health.

The Missing Link Ultimate Feline Formula, 6-oz-pouch
The Missing Link Ultimate Feline Formula, 6-oz-pouch
This formula is made for cats alone and has essential nutrition for a cat's overall health and wellbeing. This formula fills in crucial nutrition gaps and will help your cat live a long and healthy life. This is a 6 oz supply and will last a long time at 3/4ths a teaspoon a serving.


Missing Link is a brand that I have directly seen work.  As a seasoned Professional Pet Stylist, I can confidently recommend this brand. 

I have seen the difference my recommendation has made on their well-being, coat health, skin health, and more.  

Missing link formulas all come with satisfaction guarantees.  This brand is dedicated to your pet and you can find their guarantee on the back of each bag.  Simply contact them with questions and concerns and they will address it promptly.  

Thank you for taking the time to care for your pet.  Please comment below and share this article on your social media. 


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