Retro Gaming Coffee Mug for Husband Best Husband Video Game Gift Gaming Latte Mugs Gifts for Him Birthday Gamer Gift Anniversary Ceramic by 3DCandleCreations

29.00 USD Gamer Husband Mug Best Husband Ever Gift for Husband Video Gamer Husband Gaming Husband Gift Husband Birthday Christmas Gift Retro Gift Him Best Husband Ever Gamer Latte Mug with a unique retro-style gaming design. A true coffee lover knows that each variety of aromatic drinks deserves a special cup. This durable ceramic latte mug has a high-quality design that features the words "Best Husband Ever" with a retro gaming print. It makes it a gift appreciated by any latte drinker and gamer alike. ~Features~ ~White ceramic with a vivid print ~12oz ~Rounded corners ~C-Handle Height, in4.02 Diameter, in3.70 Microwave-safe Mug can be safely placed in a microwave for food or liquid heating Suitable for dishwasher use Care instructions Clean in dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and dish soap.No cancelations or refunds If you need this by a certain time and are unsure if it will arrive in time please message me so that I can let you know if I can accommodate this before you place the order. No Cancellations or Refunds Some items are finished by my production partner. They will ship from the location that is closest to the destination 3D Candle Creations is a handmade company and designs and concepts are curated by hand.