Reserved Bag of Money Candle Cash Dollar Candles Unique Cash Soy Wax Abundance Wealth Centerpiece Money Home Decor Gift for Him Decorative by 3DCandleCreations

36.00 USD Bag of Money Candle, a sack of cash, loot bag, a stash of cash, money bags 3D Candle Creations The bag of money candle is handmade. Send someone the gift of money to burn. Approximately 4 x 3 x 1 + inches All items in photos are props aside from candles. If you need by a certain time please message me so that I can let you know if I can accommodate this before you place the order. No Cancellations or Refunds Some items are finished by my production partner. They will ship from the location that is closest to the destination A production partner or program may be used with some items to help with creation or design.By purchasing candles from this shop you agree to