Custom Money Candle Cash Dollar Candle Money Gifts Unique Candles Abundance Wealth Centerpiece Luxury Home Decor Gift for Him or Her Dollars by 3DCandleCreations

10.00 USD Money Candle Cash Candle Dollar Candle Money Gifts Unique Candles Abundance Wealth Centerpiece Money Home Decor Gift for Him Gift for Her Introducing our Money Candle - the perfect addition to any home decor or gift for anyone who loves the idea of abundance and wealth! This unique and playful candle is shaped like a bundle of 100 dollar bills and features a realistic design with decorative gold, creating a fun and inviting ambiance in any space. This Money Candle makes the perfect gift for or as a centerpiece for any event or occasion. It's a fun and unique conversation starter and is sure to bring joy and inspiration to anyone's day. At our small family run business, we take pride in creating high-quality and personalized products that our customers love. We thank you for choosing our Money Candle and supporting our small business. Shop with us again soon for more great products and excellent customer service! Need some money to burn? Give someone the gift of a little extra cash to burn in the form of a candle. 100 dollar bill bundle candle 3 1/2 inches long by 2 1/4 inches wide and approximately 3/4th an inch high Hand Painted and Hand made A bundle of money with a rubber band around the middle 2 cotton waxed wicks This is a candle All items aside from candle or candles are props and for size comparison. No cancellations or refunds