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16.50 USD Warning May Start Talking About History Coffee Mug Teaching History Teacher Gift Funny Mugs Historian Gifts History Student Major Historians Indulge your historical passion with our "History Buff" Coffee Mug – a whimsical proclamation of your love for the past. This mug isn't just a vessel; it's a conversation starter and a tribute to your fascination with history. ⚠️ Warning: May Start Talking About History ⚠️ Be prepared for engaging discussions as you take a sip. This mug playfully warns that your conversations might take a historical turn at any moment. 🎁 Ideal Gift for History Enthusiasts 🎁 Whether you're a history teacher, a majoring history student, or simply a devoted history buff, this mug makes for a thoughtful and relatable gift. 🗿 Clever and Humorous Design 🗿 Our mug effortlessly fuses humor and historical zeal, capturing the essence of your affinity for the past. ☕ Sip with a Smile ☕ Crafted from top-quality ceramic, our mug ensures each sip is met with both comfort and style. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea while celebrating your passion. 📜 Ignite Conversations 📜 Allow this mug to ignite conversations about your favorite historical eras, iconic figures, and captivating events. It's an excellent icebreaker for fellow history enthusiasts. 🎨 Versatile and Timeless 🎨 Whether it graces your home office desk or your classroom, the mug's design is adaptable to any setting that celebrates history. 🛍️ Order Your "History Buff" Mug Today! 🛍️ Elevate your passion for history with the "History Buff" Coffee Mug. Order now and let your love for the past shine through every conversation. This isn't just a mug; it's a toast to your dedication to history. Thank you for sharing your historical journey with us! ⚠️🎁☕ • Ceramic 11 fluid ounces • Vivid and non-fading print • Black or red rim, inside, and handle • Dishwasher and microwave safe Height, in3.74 Diameter, in3.15 No Cancellations or Refunds Some items are finished by our production partner. They will ship from the location that is closest to the destination